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Verb finder is an online verb checker software application, which is used to detect misuses and errors of verbs in English text instantly and accurately. The main purpose of this online verb identifier is to find and fix all types of mistakes related to verbs such as verb-tense disagreement, forms of verbs, switching in and out of different tenses, and others to enhance the quality of the text substantially.

Who May Benefit from Verb Finder Tool?



Students can use an online verb identifier to improve the quality of their writings such as thesis, dissertations, research papers, essays, and other routine writings without any charges at all in a basic subscription.



Teachers have to check numerous assignments submitted by the students and prepare different training lectures and presentations. A verb finder tool online helps teachers in fixing issues in those writings.



Finding and removing different kinds of verb-related issues in news reports, documentaries, commentaries, and other articles make our verb tense checker tool a very useful option for making those reports professional.



Numerous kinds of researchers such as scientific, market, and social researchers compile long and complex reports based on their research work. Our verb checker can detect possible mistakes in those complex reports easily.



Our online verb phrase finder application supports different styles, categories, and standards of writing simultaneously; so, it is very useful for a wide range of other writers such as bloggers, technical writers, and others.

Most Common Verb-Related Errors That Our Verbs Finder Can Detect

Using verbs correctly is one of the most complex domains in English grammar due to irregular forms, conjugation, and other factors, which lead to numerous types of errors, especially in the writings of people using English as a second language (ESL). The most common of them include:

Verb-subject disagreement

Nouns and third-person singular pronouns always take “s” after verbs in the present tense. It is a very common mistake that our verb tense identifier online software can detect and fix easily.

Incorrect:  She play hockey for her school team.

Correct:  She plays hockey for her school team.

Using incorrect verb forms in different tenses

A verb changes its form with different types of present, past, and future tenses as well as with the subjects. Thus, conjugating verbs in different tenses is a very tricky thing. If you use our online action verb finder website, you wouldn’t face the problem of verb conjugation in different tenses.  

Incorrect:  She have purchased a book online.

Correct: She has purchased a book online.

Misuses of verbs followed by specific prepositions

This is a very big type of mistake in which the writers fail to choose the right preposition to link the verb with the other parts of the sentences. Sometimes, using verbs with wrong prepositions changes the meaning of the sentence too. Our main verb identifier platform can help you solve this problem perfectly and instantly.

Incorrect: You should get out from the ground immediately.

Correct: You should get out of the ground immediately.

Tense shifting

In this mistake, the writers shift from one tense to another one within different phrases and clauses of a sentence as well as within the paragraph of text. This problem happens extensively with students and other writers who use English as a foreign language.

Incorrect: She was searching for misplaced keys but she finds her lost diamond in the drawing room.

Correct: She was searching for misplaced keys but she found her lost diamond in the drawing room.

Regular and irregular verb confusion

It is a very tricky thing to differentiate between a regular and an irregular verb. A few verbs produce similar types of voice and the same pattern of spelling but they are not in the category of verbs. For instance, reach and teach are two similar-looking verbs but the ‘reach’ is a regular verb while the ‘teach’ is an irregular one. With the help of our incorrect verb form checker, you can solve this complex problem instantly without any confusion with full confidence.

American and British language differences

In American English many verbs are used as regular verbs but they are irregular verbs in British English such as learn, dream, smell, burn, and others. This makes a very tricky situation for a writer, especially those who use English as a foreign language (EFL). Our irregular verbs checker software can help you differentiate them automatically.

How May You Identify Verbs in Sentences?

Identifying verbs in sentences is grammatically tricky due to different types, forms, moods, and other conjugations. You need to have a full command of all grammatical rules and standards to identify different types of verbs in a sentence such as:

  • A verb is a word that shows an action or state in a sentence. So, find the state or action word in the sentence.
  • The word showing the meaning of being preceded by to is most probably a verb in the sentence
  • A word ending with ‘ing’ in the sentence is a gerund form of the verb
  • The regular forms of verbs in past and past particle forms end with ‘ed’ and can easily be identified.
  • Any word that supports the main verb in a sentence is known as an auxiliary verb such as is, are, was, were, could, would, should, can, be, have, had, and others.

Thus, finding out the correct use of verbs in sentences may be so time-consuming and may require substantial effort. You can find all types of verbs and their correct use with the help of our online sentence verb identifier with highly reliable results.

How Is Our Verb Finder in Sentence Best Options to Detect Verb Mistakes?

Our verbs checker platform is one of the best options for detecting and fixing all types of verb-related mistakes because:


Online to be verbs checker platform offers highly reliable results that you can trust without any confusion or hesitation.

Cutting-edge technologies

Our verb tense identifier platform uses highly modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and others in the algorithms to generate highly accurate results.

Instant and always

You can access our verb identifier online tool round the clock and check your text instantly without any waiting in long queues at all.

Unlimited checks

There is no limit on the number of checks for any specific time period on our verbs to be checker online platform. You can check your text multiple times with our verb identifier tool without any limits at all.

Comprehensive solution

Our verb finder online platform offers end-to-end text checking, proofreading, editing, and plagiarized content detection solution under one roof. Our professional-grade to be verbs finder platform detects all other types of grammatical mistakes and spelling and punctuation issues.

online verb identifier

Step by Step Procedure to Use Our To Be Verbs Checker Online

Using our online verb form identifier is so simple in a few steps:

  • Copy/paste or type the text into the widget on our verb mood identifier website
  • Click the “check my text” button. Our action verb identifier tool will perform a thorough language check and will highlight the mistakes
  • Click the highlighted mistakes. Our verb type identifier tool will provide a possible solution to the verb mistake.
  • Choose the right option and repeat the action. You are done!

Ways to Access Our To Be Verbs Finder Software

You can access our professional passive verbs checker in two ways such as:

  • Online website – You need to just open the website and use it through a very easy and intuitive web interface.
  • Chrome extension – Our verbs finder software can also be accessed by downloading and installing a Google Chrome extension to use it in a real-time environment.

Top Benefits of Using Our To Be Verbs Finder Free Platform

Due to a wide range of its features and capabilities, our specialized verbs finder online platform offers numerous benefits to the writers such as:


Our online passive verb checker platform is available for free in the basic subscription. Thus, you save substantial costs on proofreading and editing work by using our online verb tense finder for no charge at all.


Due to the 24×7 availability and instant results, you don’t need to wait in queues for your turn to submit documents for checking and results. You can save huge time that you can use for other productive work.

Higher writing quality

By using our complete verb identifier online platform, you can improve the quality of your writing, which will lead to the successful outcomes of your text in all domains of businesses simultaneously.

Continual learning

Our platform offers a great option for continual learning and improving your editing, proofreading, and grammar skills with the help of suggestive options offered by our online verbs identifier platform.

Plagiarism and tone detection

It offers the capability to detect plagiarized content and assesses the tone of your content. These features help you make your writing more professional to achieve the desired objectives of the article.

Additional functionalities

Our online verbs finder offers numerous additional features and capabilities that make your text highly professional such as the detection of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling issues simultaneously.

If you are looking for reliable verb finder software to make your writings error-free, try our verb checker online now!